Tomax and Mishap Welcome to the inside of our brains. Tomax and Mishap spend 30 minutes with you unraveling the mysteries of life, love, and nocturnal emissions (hint: it is God giving you a handy).

July 7, 2019  

T and M have unwittingly found themselves competing in a campaign against each other. But the fight to win a seat as comptroller of Ca must commence. Will their friendship endure? Who will win? Do these pants make my butt look weird? Conversation happens. Attack ads happen. Other things happen. I can't remember right now but pretty sure it ends with oil wrestling.

September 6, 2018  

Tomax and Mishap unearth some old audio (circa 1950"s) of their respective uncles in their hayday of radio. Banter about how how much they have improved on the profession since the old timey days. Whacky things humans thought in the days of old such as mercury being safe is discussed. The trans-Atlantic accent. T and M take listener voicemail questions. After all this talk about the past they get a call from the future.

January 13, 2018  

It's bone o'clock and the bone bells' ringin'. Who's gonna be the one to answer the call? Tomax and Mishap; that's who you fat sack of such and such. The boys are given the interview they always wanted. The venerable 70's metal band Firesword. But will there catalogue of music stand the test of time? Listen and find out. Music heavy episode (so if you're a total pusswod don't even bother bro).

December 3, 2017  

Trying to keep the lights on ain't easy. The boys hold a pledge drive but there are plenty of quality guests to keep everyone entertained. Special guests include: a magician, an acopella funk band (Funkopolypse Now!), a mimic and more.

September 8, 2017  
February 27, 2017  

Best pickup lines, Boner song by Mishap (oh yay more phallic stuff from T and M!) Round of dealbreaker game, a serious song by Mishap, Tomax recounts a terrible night that was supposed to be a fun video project, "In Retrospect that was messed up" , Sit Kitty Sit, we learn that love is a dog monster.

February 27, 2017  

Hate laughing but love cringing? Well then boy do we at T & M have a treat in store. Mishap brings us a ridiculous folk song about dragons. Have you ever been to a high school reunion and see someone you haven't seen in 20 yrs and shit just gets weird? What do you get when you mix speaking in tongue with scatting? Where is the line between outdated social convention and innapropriate behavior? I don't know. You tell me. I just work here numb nuts.

June 29, 2016  

Most of this content is actually from years ago when we moved Mishap out to Seattle. Lots of dude chit chat, agnosticism, science, and love. 2 Grizzled men in a saloon talking man talk. Music review of Blood Flood by the Community Radio show Uncommon Sounds. Seattle fun facts by Tomax.

April 20, 2016  

Guest author Maridonna Van Huerss talks about her book "Take your Balls out of her Purse" and teaches the boys a thing or 2 about attracting mates. Lots of meandering conversation about current trends and the generational divide between Gen Y and millennials. Worst trend countdown. Tomax is a little goofed up on goof juice (sick w/cold and took cold medicine).

January 19, 2016  

In this episode we divulge our greatest fears and share actual childhood events where we were most frightened. Things get a little dark but worry not folks. There's some funny too. A dim-witted cop pulls over a fast talking criminal. Tomax and Louisax demonstrate a disturbing impression that they do together.

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