Tomax and Mishap Welcome to the inside of our brains. Tomax and Mishap spend 30 minutes with you unraveling the mysteries of life, love, and nocturnal emissions (hint: it is God giving you a handy).

March 7, 2015  

Tomax and Mishap talking about struggles with the ladies. That is all. No bits here; just a conversation. Pretty candid stuff.

June 20, 2014  

Tomax and Mishap begin by revealing their most wildly fringe beliefs while the board members of Penis Cream Inc. harass them during taping via phone messages. A sketch about therapy gone horribly wrong. "In retrospect that was messed up" is a segment where the boys talk about things that seemed innocuous at the time but looking at it now not so much.

December 16, 2013  

The champagne of heavy metal return to melt your reality and shatter your perceptions. Tomax and Mishap discuss the perceptions people have about us vs: those that we think people percieve about us. Exclusive interview with musical artist and resident dumb dumb Blake Billingsworth. 2 douches hitting da' club.

September 21, 2013  
Kitties being cute, Hungry Hungry Hippos the movie trailer,  pick-up line of the week. The boys discuss bands that were great but ultimately had a very short shelf life and then move onto "the year that punk broke" in the 90's. You know you're old when....
September 3, 2013  

Communication theme. Intro by Tomax, a story about Facebook flame wars and miscommunication getting waaay out of hand, much to our dislike Penis Cream Inc gives us a new ad slogan, tips for life, a listen to each other's voicemail then point out our superb ability to communicate via voice messages to one another (things don't end well).

September 2, 2013  
Things and/or stuff. Penis Cream (our proud sponsor) gave us a message line so we take the time to listen to some of our awful listeners. A segment called "make it worse" devolves into Mishap explaining his dislike of meditation and Tomax makes a pithy analysis on exactly why. Foreign  phrases that Americans need to have.

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